Baby’s First Words: Phrases Toddlers Should Learn


The home is the place where children acquire their first learnings in life. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is their first classroom. Because of this, their parents are also their first teachers. Although the things that they learn are informal, it can’t be argued that these are useful for day-to-day living. This is crucial in childcare in Illinois and other areas.

Because parents are their children’s first teachers, it is important for them to impart learnings that are beneficial and useful to their toddlers in childcare on Southside. Ideally, they must start with basic skills, such as walking and talking. When it comes to talking, parents must start with the basics. After which, they may proceed to formulate phrases. They could start with those that are normally used every day.

Parents must teach their little ones words that show respect towards others. This is essential for children, especially if they are about to start preschool.

Below is a list of polite phrases that you should teach your toddler.

  • “Please”
  • “Excuse me”
  • “Thank you”
  • “You’re welcome”
  • “I’m sorry”

Make sure to instill proper manners and right conduct in your little one! Suite Little Feet, a day care center in Chicago, Illinois, is your partner in raising well-behaved children.

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