Reasons You Should Let Your Child Play


Play is a critical part of a child’s developmental years. That is why enrolling them in a preschool that understands the power of play is necessary.

As a source of high-quality childcare on Southside, we will share with you some of the most important reasons why we encourage you to let your child have fun and play.

  • It helps build their imagination.

    Playing stretches a child’s imagination and thus, builds their creativity. They can create make-believe worlds, games, or characters where they can make their own rules and adapt.

  • It helps foster their cognitive growth.

    Playing encourages healthy brain development. This is because they direct their own play, not bound by activities or schedules created by adults. It influences how a child learns and solves problems.

  • It provides them with behavioral and emotional benefits.

    Playing helps reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability in children. It also boosts their self-esteem and joy. Just like adults at work, children can feel overwhelmed with too much information.

  • It helps improve their literacy and language.

    Through playing and interacting with other children, they can learn about communication. They can hear new words, listen to stories, and practice conversing, even if they are unable to talk.

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