Relieving Your Child From First-Day-of-School Jitters


As a day care center in Chicago, Illinois, we have had our fair share of crying and screaming on the first day of school. And sometimes, it lasts for a week. It is normal for a child to feel nervous and overwhelmed when it is their first time being away from their parents or meeting a lot of new people at a time.

That is why we will share with you a helpful guide on reducing your child’s nervousness and prepping them for their first day in preschool.

  • It is always a good idea to let your child see and get a feel of the school environment before classes start. Tour them around the school and let them meet their teacher.
  • Bring them shopping for school supplies. They will, for sure, get excited to use the things they chose themselves, which will help reduce their anxiety about going to school.
  • Practice how they should prep for school in the morning for at least a week before the first day. Set their expectations and teach them basic personal tasks like proper hand washing.
  • Read them books that showcase characters attending their first day of school. Making them relate to the story or characters can provide them with a bit of confidence.

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