Things to Know About Playtime for Kids

Things to Know About Playtime for Kids

When children play, they learn from their environment. Every child’s brain development needs to have enough time for play according to Child in the City Org. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to playtime. A day care center in Chicago, Illinois knows that improvement in emotional, social, physical, and cognitive skills happens with play.

The stimulation of imagination and encouragement of creativity in children happens when they enjoy their playtime. Childcare in Illinois has experts that help manage and develop these skills with the right educational program. Here are the other things you should know:

  • Lead to better physical health.
    It helps increase muscle strength, coordination, and balance in preschool students. When they are active students, they also have good health.
  • Build vocabulary and language.
    School-age kids have the benefits of learning words and expressions from others. It can help them communicate with others. This skill will lead to better team play when doing group activities.
  • Helps children be more sociable.
    Kids know that they need to act on their role-playing games. They make a team to create scenarios like what happens in school, store, home, etc. Teachers at childcare in Chicago can help in introducing kids to each other, too.
  • Increases happiness.
    School-age kids will get their dose of happiness when they enjoy what they do during play.

Suite Little Feet, a provider of childcare on Southside, has a team of professionals that help create a fun and child-friendly education for your kids. Feel free to contact us today.

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