Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Practice Proper Hygiene

Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Practice Proper Hygiene

As we adapt to a rapidly changing environment, our lives will not be the same as it was before. If you have to drop off your kids to a day care center in Chicago, Illinois, you need to practice good hygiene, physical distancing, and wearing face masks.

We as adults may find it easier to adapt to the new normal compared to our kids. They might need extra help in adjusting to the current situation. At Suite Little Feet, a provider of childcare in Illinois, we are committed to helping parents educate their children about the current pandemic. To help you get started, we’re sharing helpful tips on how to encourage your kids to make personal hygiene a part of their daily routine:

  • Introduce the concept of germs
    Explain to your kids how they can catch germs and what happens when they don’t practice good hygiene. However, you should not exaggerate to the point that they develop a phobia.
  • Lead by example
    Your children will often replicate what you do. Use it as a leverage to teach them about proper hygiene. For example, show your kids how you wash and sanitize your hands.
  • Establish a routine
    Your children may not fully grasp the concept of personal hygiene due to their very young age. By creating a daily routine, makes it easier for them to accustomed to personal hygiene as early as possible.

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