Ways to Discipline Students at School

Ways to Discipline Students at School

The classroom needs to support the learning of every student. Not all the time that students at a day care center in Chicago, Illinois, are listening to their teachers. It would encourage teachers to use the desist approach. The teacher is the main disciplinarian and the one who enforces it to the students on different levels.

Suite Little Feet, a provider of childcare in Illinois, helps young minds reach their full potential by discipline. It uses another type of desisting approach. According to the Educator Advocate Org, these are things to consider:

  • Assertive discipline.

    When this approach is followed, the teacher is considered the responsible one. Students are introduced to the rules of the classroom. Teachers are calm when making sure that the students are disciplined according to Canter and Canter’s study in 1992.

  • Behavior modification.

    Childcare in Chicago uses this approach by taking heed of four types of punishment or reinforcement. These are:

    • Positive reinforcement.
      Giving extra credit for a job well done and deciding according to the best interest of the class.
    • Positive punishment.
      An example would be letting the students meet the School Principal to learn more about school rules.
    • Negative reinforcement.
      Making sure to remove the activity that makes students experience hard.
    • Negative punishment.
      In a preschool setting, a teacher can decrease the time for free time to cope up with the bad behavior.

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