Things to Know About Study Breaks

Things to Know About Study Breaks

Children ages 3 to 4 years old may experience stress if you keep them from studying long hours. According to research by Families First Indiana, children studying for over 20 minutes lose focus on what they’re reading. Teachers from a day care center in Chicago, Illinois can assist in this process.

As parents, you should know when your child is losing focus. You can encourage them to do study breaks to gain interest in their next study time. It can be reinforced by the Suite Little Feet, a center for childcare in Illinois.

Here are things to know about study breaks:

  • Preschool students will get more relaxed and focused on their studies.
  • Creativity inside the brain improves when it is not stressed out.
  • Rest encourages to stay motivated in the goal of learning.

These are the things that make study breaks more exciting according to Swinburne Online. There are simple ways how children can spend the 15 to 20-minute breaks in a Daycare Auburn Gresham. Here they are:

  • Playing around and enjoying the environment
  • Moving the body with the help of exercise routines
  • Taking a power nap

With the help of experienced teachers at a 79th St Daycare, you can expect that your children will have a worthwhile study period. You can contact them today.

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