Alertness in Schooling Children


Children usually have shorter levels of alertness or attention spans. A normal attention span, according to studies, is 3 to 5 minutes per year of a child’s age.

For instance, a two-year-old can concentrate on a task for at least 6 minutes and a child entering kindergarten can concentrate on a task for at least 15 minutes. Children with ADHD have shorter levels of alertness or even serious problems with their attention span. Hence, addressing and improving problems with your child’s alertness and attention span is important especially when they enter preschool.

Our childcare in Illinois uses helpful curricula for children of different ages. We take into account the children’s needs and particular behaviors in order to apply efficient learning methods. But as parents, you may start the improvement of your children’s alertness and attention span by following a handful of easy-to-do-at-home remedies.

First, you must provide your children with a balanced breakfast that includes complex carbohydrates. These fuel your child’s brain and allow proper cognitive function. Next, remember to limit time spent on television and video. Research shows that TV and video games promote aggressiveness in children. Thus, it is wise to limit their time on these gadgets. It is also important that you provide a variety of stimulating activities to your children.

Be sure to know your child’s personality, learning ways, and best times of alertness. These things can help you manage his learning schedule more. Visit our day care center in Chicago, Illinois to know more about the services we offer that help improve your child’s alertness.

You may also call Suite Little Feet and our childcare in Southside will be ready to help!

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