New Year’s Resolutions for Kids That Promote Learning


The start of the year provides an excellent opportunity to start fresh and set goals that will help shape the rest of the year. Children can also take part in this annual activity by working toward goals that promote self-improvement and skill development. In addition to the skills they learn at childcare in Chicago, kids can continue to develop their skills at home through various activities.

As a leading provider of childcare in Illinois, we will share a few resolution ideas for kids that promote learning;

  • Be More Active
    There are many fun ways to be more active as a family. Integrate fun outdoor activities into your family’s daily routine. If your child has an interest in a particular sport or activity, consider arranging a friendly game with the family at home. These physical activities promote a healthy outlook and will develop your child’s balance and coordination.
  • Learn a New Skill
    Nurture your child’s interests by making it a goal to develop a certain skill in the area. For instance, if your child is interested in music, consider making it a goa this year to learn how to read notes or play a musical instrument that’s age-appropriate. This may also include pre-literacy or math skills to help them excel in school.
  • Try Something New
    In addition to preschool, learning something new will instill confidence in your child. Trying something new will teach children how to be brave and how to overcome obstacles. This builds emotional resilience and develops their problem-solving skills.

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