Bridging Day Care and Your Home


Before they journey into grade school, a day care center in Illinois serves as a preparatory institution for every young learner. They are taught foundation skills that will enable them to process complex situations, people skills to socialize with their future fellows, and all other skills that help them advance to the next stage of learning. As such, a learning center in Chicago, Illinois, takes full responsibility for molding these learners and ensuring they are ready to progress to school. But a nursery school cannot do it alone.

At Suite Little Feet, parents are highly involved in the learning process of our children. Various research has affirmed that children succeed most when their parents are actively involved in their learning. Thus, we engage our parents in child care.

We update our parents constantly with the progress or the assistance their child needs. Our open-door policy also allows parents to visit and participate in our programs at all times. Not only will this help them be more connected to other parents in our institution but also aid them in understanding our culture. Aside from these, we promote programs that require our parents’ assistance. You never know how the presence of a parent impacts the child’s motivation to learn and provides a secure learning environment.

If you want to be engaged with your child’s learning progress, we are happy to help. Contact us.

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