Individualized Tutoring Sessions


Would one-on-one tutoring be beneficial for your child? You could be asking yourself this question, just like many other parents. Suite Little Feet is a recommended Learning Center in Chicago, Illinois for your child which also offers tutoring services.

Perhaps your little one in our Day Care Center in Illinois is having trouble in school. Or they’re excelling in class and beginning to become restless. They could be a little hesitant, and all you want to do is encourage them to feel more confident throughout sessions.

Whatever the situation, if you feel they need extra help from our Child Care center, you’ll quickly learn that parents have a wide range of options at their disposal. One-on-one tutoring has long been recognized as the most effective way to increase a child’s confidence and help them realize their full potential.

One-to-one tutoring is just what it sounds like one tutor and one pupil. A one-to-one tutor only works with one student at a time, and our educators may spend anything from 30 minutes to an entire day with them. We often use this time to concentrate on one thing.

Afterschool Programs with tutoring resemble a typical classroom lecture in many aspects, with the exception that only one student is being taught, as opposed to many. To know more, please do not hesitate to reach out to our lines.

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