Building Your Child’s Vocabulary Skills


According to research, strong language ability boosts happiness, friendships, family connections, and academic success. If you want your child to grow up with a well-rounded understanding of words, help them start their vocabulary skills while still young! Where do you begin? Check out these steps below.

  • Go to the library.
    Where is the best place to read than in a library? Start them young! Go to the public library after class at a daycare in Auburn Gresham, or start building a mini library at home. Exposing your kids to libraries helps them get more interested in reading! A reading habit is the key to cultivating their vocabulary.
  • Use synonyms.
    When your kids start to study synonyms at a day care center in Illinois, help them retain their lessons by doing a synonym exercise at home! For example, ask them if the word cold has the same meaning as freezing or ask them to enumerate the synonyms of the word bright. Or any related activity will do!
  • Be descriptive.
    Be descriptive in any way you can! Use descriptive words always, whether describing a fabric or explaining a new word they learned from a child care center. It will help your kids remember the words better and put them to good use.

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