Encouraging a Reading Habit Among Kids


In today’s digital age, it is easier and harder than ever to develop a lifelong reading habit in your kids. As a leading learning center in Chicago, Illinois, we at Suite Little Feet would like to share a few ideas on making your kids love reading.

Reading aloud to your children is still one of the best ways to get them into the habit of listening to and reading stories. We integrate reading sessions into our early childhood education programs for this exact reason.

Not a talented narrator? With technology, you don’t even have to read to them yourself. Borrow some free audiobooks and just listen, together with your kids. There are now apps that allow you to download as many children’s books, audiobooks, comics, and more for free.

Creating a secure learning environment at home that is reader-friendly is another way to encourage your kids to read. If your kids see you, your spouse, and other members of the family regularly spending time enjoying reading in a reading nook or library, they are more likely to gain an interest in reading themselves.

As part of our child care programs, we encourage our kids to explore and try new things. This is the same for reading. Don’t just keep making your kid read the same handful of books again and again. Let them try new books by browsing a reading app with them or taking them to the library.

Making reading fun is the best way to raise lifelong readers. And if you’re looking for a day care center in Illinois that can further bolster their love for reading, call us now at 773-966-6082.

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