Enjoying and Learning From the Benefits of Play


Play is the natural language of young children. It is a primary means by which they express themselves and take in the world at large. At Suite Little Feet, a top learning center in Chicago, Illinois, we understand the power of play and harness it as a powerful tool in their holistic development.

At our preschool in Chicago, we encourage kids to engage in playful activities like constructing using toy blocks, engaging in imaginary activities with other kids, and solving simple puzzles. Doing these activities and more helps kids improve their cognitive, social, and critical thinking abilities.

We also have nursery school activities more geared towards introverted children. This includes doing arts and crafts projects, reading picture books, or simply having fun with coloring books. Through these activities, kids can develop their creativity and imagination. It may also help them discover hidden artistic talents they may have

More active kids in our day care center in Illinois often enjoy activities like physical games and sports. We try to integrate some of that fun inside our safe space for learning. Engaging in group activities can help kids develop their communication skills. They’ll also develop their teamwork and motor skills.

Some parents may look down on play as something frivolous, but many studies have proven the benefits of play for your kids. If you are looking for a child care center in Chicago, Illinois where your kids can reap the benefits of learning through play, look no further. Call us now at 773-966-6082.

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