Choosing the Perfect Daycare for Your Child

Choosing the Perfect Daycare for Your Child

Deciding on which preschool to send your child off to is a big decision and can influence your little one’s relationship with their studies in the future.

To save you the headaches of skimming through hundreds of search engine results, Suite Little Feet is going to share how you can “size up” potential childcare in Chicago. Take a look:

  • Look at their teachers/caregivers.
    Ideally, children starting in Childcare in Illinois should be welcomed by warm, loving, and interactive caregivers and teachers. Check to see if their caregiver is on the floor interacting with the toddlers.
  • Match your philosophies.
    Check if your prospective Day Care Center in Chicago, Illinois shares your parenting philosophies on matters such as discipline, screen time, naps, etc.
  • Surprise visits.
    One of the best ways to see what a childcare center has to offer is to pay them a surprise visit. Check if they interact with the children the same way they did when you asked for a tour.
  • Go with your gut.
    If you feel like something is not adding up with a certain daycare center, no matter how well-received it is with other parents, always follow your gut. As a parent, you know what your child needs more.

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