Let’s Help Your Toddler Adjust

Let’s Help Your Toddler Adjust

Transitioning a toddler into childcare in Illinois is tough for both the parent and the child. For a youngster, transitioning from home life to preschool means a huge change in their routine.

For babies, childcare in Chicago feels like a huge step into the unknown. Not only will they be separated from their primary caregiver (their parents) for a considerably longer period of time, they will also be in the arms of strangers and other unfamiliar toddlers.

Suite Little Feet knows the struggle, so we’re going to share a few tips on how to help your little cutie adust to their preschool. So grab a pencil and notepad, let’s get started:

  • Introduce them to the new environment.
    Try bringing your child for a short tour at their childcare on Southside without other children present. This helps your child familiarize with their new environment and make drop-offs easier.
  • Create a routine.
    Children need routines. Knowing what to expect will help your child feel a sense of control. To start your child’s day right, try finding a morning routine that works for them.
  • Keep your days free
    It’s tempting to get things done while your little pumpkin is preoccupied in their Day Care Center in Chicago, Illinois, but you have to remember that it will take some time for them to fully adjust. Keeping a flexible schedule in the first few weeks of daycare means that you can fully address your child’s concerns.

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