Healthy Habits for Holistic Development


A child’s access to learning opportunities can influence their success later in life. Experts in early childhood education attest that exposing young minds to early stimulation can help a child’s developmental milestones. A child’s early life experiences are absorbed in learning, and we are honored and responsible for influencing their experiences and nurturing their well-being.

Introducing and practicing good habits early on at home or in a day care center in Illinois can equip young learners with lifelong concepts, skills, and values. Every part of your child’s routine and activities will develop their character, influence their interests, and define their priorities. Therefore, the earlier we establish healthy practices, the better.

  • Nourish the Mind
    Children in their early years should receive child care with access to a balanced diet, adequate rest, and educational resources. It teaches children to prioritize their health and determine the positive information they need to absorb. Serving healthy snacks, creating a sleep routine, encouraging physical play, reading to children, and choosing the appropriate toys can make this happen.
  • First Things First
    While priority setting and time management may seem too much of a job for children in a learning center in Chicago, Illinois, they’re actually not. Children learn to naturally determine their wants and needs when parents nurture their curiosity and guide their development. Using physical cues like to-do lists, calendars, and timers to instill discipline and coordination is also beneficial.
  • Think Before Speaking
    It is necessary to model proper behavior when conversing with young learners. Young ones tend to catch on to verbal and non-verbal behaviors in a trice. Encouraging imaginative free play, asking open-ended questions, and modeling active listening train children to make meaningful connections in their lifetime.

Suite Little Feet aims to help your child’s growth and development. We center our childcare services on helping children achieve their fullest potential.

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