How Parenting Styles Affect Your Child’s Learning


Every parent wants to set their children up for success, and this goal shapes their parenting styles. Parenting styles are essential to nurturing their child’s development, influencing good behavior, and honing their skills. Hence, finding an efficient strategy for rearing your child before they start attending a day care center in Illinois carries significant weight in their future successes.

Our learning center in Chicago, Illinois, is trusted by parents and guardians to provide the quality care and education their child deserves and to help parents build healthy relationships with their children. We believe that disciplinary and communication strategies can impact our children’s early life experiences, and parents have a principal role in this endeavor. So, the question is, how is your parenting strategy helping your child? Read on to learn more.

  • Authoritarian Parenting
    As expected, children with authoritarian parents follow the rules without question; otherwise, they would be subject to verbal and non-verbal sanctions. While this may lead to obedience, this style can also cause anxiety, social incompetence, and low self-esteem among children receiving child care.
  • Authoritative Parenting
    Similarly, authoritative parents set standards and guidelines while providing a more cooperative approach to discipline. They are more supportive and less restrictive. It is why children with authoritative parents are more socially responsible, self-assured, independent, and cooperative when receiving early childhood education.
  • Permissive Parenting
    Indulgent parents are known to be nurturing and have good communication skills. However, they rarely discipline or demand anything from their children. While this helps teach independence and boost self-esteem, children may lack self-control, problem-solving abilities, social skills, and more.

Our goal at Suite Little Feet is to create a positive learning environment and foster positive learning experiences for your child. We are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quality preschool in Chicago.

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